Kindness In Chalk

Have you ever heard of this? I hadn’t until last year.


This is an anti-bullying movement that was started by MinneMama Adventures.

“Bullying-be it in school, the workplace, or online-can have lasting, lifetime implications.”

My workplace participated in this last year. Here are some of the great things written by the children & families.




This is a growing event.



If interested in participating in this in your area, visit this website for details: Kindness In Chalk

Here is a flyer for this year!


Of course, since I am an animal advocate, I thought about how this Kindness/Anti-Bullying thing applies to animals as well. Humans “bully” animals all of the time by abusing them and powering “over” them. Animals also need to be treated with love, gentleness, & kindness.

I started looking around and found there is actually something called a “Vegan Chalk Challenge.” Have any of you ever heard of it? Are any of you vegan?

Here is a link with information on it: Vegan Chalk Challenge

I am not vegan (although I may be someday). I am a vegetarian though. I do not necessarily think there is anything wrong with eating meat. What I do have a BIG problem with is how animals are being treated during their life before they become someone’s dinner.

So, we went from “Kindness In Chalk” to “Vegan Chalk Challenge” and now let me take you to a new addition to my blog-“Vegetarian Recipes.” I posted my first recipe and it is delicious! Believe me, you won’t miss the meat. Click here for the first recipe!

Let me know what you think!

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