Merry Christmas To You, Your Family, & All Of Your Furry Friends

Silent Night, Holy Night. Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

It all starts tomorrow! I will not be posting anything this weekend. I will be enjoying Christmas time as I’m sure you all will be doing as well.

(Note: longer reading time for this post since it points to a few other posts as well, but very important and worth it. Thanks for reading & sharing!)

I wish you all a beautiful time with your loved ones. If you will be checking out posts this weekend, I ask if you please check out two very important previous posts. Even if you have already seen these two posts, would you consider sharing them to help get the word out this Christmas season.

There will be a lot of celebrating and maybe annoyed family members with their pet as they are entertaining, so the following post may help them reconsider how they react/treat their furry family member during the holidays: Your Child Not Acting The Way You Want Them To, Drive Them Out To The Woods.

Alot of people bring a new furry friend into their homes at this time of year or give one as a gift. The following post may help people consider giving a home to a dog living on the street or from a shelter instead of from a pet store where most of the animals come from puppy mills: Ignoring A Need Right In Front Of Us.

Thank you!

If you didn’t see the super cute Christmas pet pictures sent in for last Sunday’s “Sunday Pause (Paws)”, you can check them out here.

Merry, Merry Christmas!!! I hope you enjoy these fun videos below.

Santa and his reindeer singing “White Christmas”

“Bethlehemian Rhapsody” sung in a puppet show

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