This Tuesday’s Tale: Lucky Waffle, Lucky Lisa


The tale of Waffle (& Lisa)

The Huffington Post

I found this story and it brought tears to my eyes. Here is a paragraph from it.

“The shelter said police had rescued this rat terrier from an abusive situation in Virginia. Most of his teeth were missing; he had a benign tumor, cataracts, and what was described as “an incompetent heart.” There were also scars on his cheek and jaw, and he couldn’t stop shaking. As my daughter put it, “That dog is a scaredy-cat.” We kept walking. I kept circling back. I mean, Harrison Ford has a scar on his face, and who doesn’t love Harrison Ford?”

This was a dog that was not in very good shape. What is SO WONDERFUL about this story is that Lisa did not walk away. This is someone who saw a living, feeling being in need and stepped in to help. This was an animal who had an incredibly rough life and every reason to have the fear & temperament issues that he did, but eventually came to trust again. This is a story about love, patience, and kindness. Something every LIVING being deserves. This is the story about two living, feeling beings healing together.

You can read the full article on The Huffington Post website here.

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