This Tuesday’s Tale: Rooster Cogburn


The tale of Rooster Cogburn

Oh that adorable face! Maybe it was partly because of that adorable face that I wept as I read the story of Rooster.

Rooster was a puppy found abandoned & homeless. Cody and his wife were trying for years to have a baby. One day the three of them found each other and they became a family.

But something didn’t seem quite right about Rooster, so they took him to the vet. The news was not good. Rooster had many health problems and the saddest part about this is it sounds like all of his health problems were caused by a person. Sadly, the story of Rooster sounds like it is one of abuse. But he did get a happy ending.

Maybe its because I am getting older and more sensitive or maybe its because I have read so many stories about animal abuse. Whatever the reason, I am finding it harder to read these types of stories. But I also know that I can’t walk around with blinders on regarding animal abuse. Its real and sadly its all around us. I (we) are their voice.

This was a life needlessly cut short. I felt so moved by this story and I really felt this precious puppy, this feeling being, created by God deserved some recognition which is why I chose him for this week’s “Tuesday Tale.”

You can read the story here.

This post was part of my “Tuesday Tales” page where I tell my stories, your stories, and stories I find on the internet. If you have a story to share about your pet, please email me at I would love to share it!


17 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: Rooster Cogburn

  1. Sparkyjen

    It totally blows my mind how a human could take their “darkness” out on a defenseless animal. This lovely little dog had so much love to give, and most likely made every attempt to place it on his former pet parents. But alas, they weren’t deserving, and so the relationship was severed.

    However, two people with care-giving spirits did have an opportunity to share their love with this darling dear & vice versa. This story is a fond mix of happy and sad. Every spirit deserves to live their highest and best life. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. Lauren

    I’m so glad Rooster and Cody and his wife found each other. As for Rooster’s earlier life. . .we are forced to confront the reality that only humans are motivated to be sadistic creatures toward innocent helpless animals. As for his brief later life, we see that humans can also be altruistic and kind to helpless animals. And in Rooster, we see that animals apprehend the difference.

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