Sunday Pause (Paws): Father’s Day

It’s Sunday! But of course, it’s also Father’s Day!

To all of the fathers out there, including pet fathers, Cino & I wish you a wonderful, relaxing day!


That’s my dad above. I’m sure he would hate me sharing this photo with his hair sticking up. Shhh!!! I think it is funny.

Check out the videos below “Dog Dad’s Day” and “Dog Dad Love Song” for a laugh. Happy Sunday!

Meow. Woof.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Father’s Day

    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      We were on a paddle boat. He didn’t realize his hair was like that. It was from the wind and maybe also because we had some bad driving moments and hit the water too hard. A gigantic wave came up onto the boat and all of us got soaked! It was hilarious! A great memory. 🙂

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meow, woof, moo, neigh, however you want to say it, please say it

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