Keep An Eye On Your Pet


Are you signed up for “PawBoost Alerts” in your area or something similar? If you don’t know what that is, it is Facebook alerts for when a pet has gone missing. It is a wonderful way to alert communities and get people involved in finding and returning an animal to their family.

I recently saw an alert for a little dog that was missing in my area and the note from the pet parent said the dog had been taken from their backyard. One of the comments was something like “OMG, you can’t even leave your pet outside anymore!” The sad reality is that it has been happening for a long time, we are probably just hearing about it more now with all of the online social media.

Sadly, when pets are taken, what that person has in mind is not always good. Sometimes it is for horrible reasons such as using them for dog-fighting or bait for dog-fighting. Sometimes it is just some bored teenagers who will torture them.

In response to the comment that was made on the Facebook alert, no, we can not leave our pets in our backyard without keeping an eye on them. They should always be in your view.


I know nobody wants to think about this kind of stuff, but it is happening. It is reality. We tend to think it “will never happen to us.” But can you guarantee that and do you want to take that gamble with your pet?

I encourage you to sign up for alerts in your area. You could one day reunite someone’s family member or save the life of an animal. Wouldn’t you want that?


15 thoughts on “Keep An Eye On Your Pet

  1. My Golden Life

    I get PawBoost Alerts a lot. My dogs do not spend any time alone in our yard…either hubby or I is/am always in the yard with them. Sometimes we both are. We have locks on all our gates, but that doesn’t stop people from climbing over the fence when they want to get in the yard. They try it when we’re home? They get their picture taken for the police.

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      1. My Golden Life

        I know. What’s really sad is that I’ve received the alerts on two of the dogs about 4 times in the last week. I’d be devastated if anything happened to my girls! One of the dogs got out of the owner’s home – bolted during a storm – she’s older, and skittish with people she doesn’t know. I feel so bad for the poor dog and her family!

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  2. Lauren

    I see notices on our community mailboxes about missing pets. I really don’t think they’re stolen for the most part, but they escape pretty constantly because they’re left on porches, unfenced!
    My cat Effie spends a lot of time in Effieland, her fenced yard, about 1400 sq ft., with the same wire fencing overhead for protection from raptors. She is never out there when no one is home. She is indoors if we are away from home for any length of time, and the house is always locked, whether or not someone is home. I’ve had to subject her to the noise of the vacuum cleaner, just because I need to bring her inside because I can’t hear anything going on outside–like a gate opening. Paranoia is crummy but necessary these days, no question.

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      1. Lauren

        Amen. Human malice has more horrible and heartbreaking consequences even than the potential perils of coyotes, foxes, eagles, owls, hawks, errant (neglected) dogs, and unvaccinated feral cats that roam our field.

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