It’s Almost Here

Christmas is almost here. Just have a few more presents to wrap and I even have a helper!


How are your holiday preparations coming along?

I will be posting a wonderful Christmas poem tomorrow along with some images I created just for the poem, but then I will be away from my blog for a few days (maybe more). So I want to take this time to let you know that Cino & I wish you a very Merry Christmas! (and thank you for your support for something I care so much about…animals).


14 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here

  1. Lauren

    Have a wonderful holiday, LeAnn!
    We don’t actually do much about holidays, but we will enjoy my husband’s time off from work Monday. Sunday we will connect by phone with family and friends, and Effie and Halvor get special healthy treats and Effie will get some new toys; Halvor’s not into toys. It’s too cold to go fishing! 🐱😌

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  2. Amy

    Merry Christmas, LeeAnn and Cino. Xena and I are staying home in TN while the Dad and Lucy visit the Dad’s elderly Mom and his sisters in IL. Sometimes the best present is one of unselfish love. ❤

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