Sunday Pause (Paws): Hand & Paw

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some poetry (at least I hope you will). The picture below is one of my favorites. So the up close image of the side of my hand was mistaken for an elephant’s foot (it really was by someone at work). I still love it because it is my hand and Cino’s paw. It’s very special to me. πŸ™‚


A gift from God
For now you’re mine
Put your paw in my hand
And together we’ll be fine

A gentle pet to your paw
You lift it up & reach back
A silent form of communication
Of love we do not lack


My hand rolls it toward you
Your paw wacks the ball
Then begins the chase and
Rolling it against the wall

I reach for the can and
You wave your paw at me
Saying “I am hungry,
I’ll gobble it up just wait and see”

You lick your paws
And keep yourself very clean
I comb your beautiful fur
You’re the prettiest cat I’ve ever seen

Then it’s asleep together for the night
But I awake to a paw on my head
So I pet you with a giggle because
I know you’re saying “get out of bed”

A hand and a paw
We have a very special bond
Two beings who care for one another
That will last this life & beyond

Β©Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

The human & animal bond is very strong. I know someone whose cat is currently very sick and she is so worried he is dying. She is devastated, heart-broken, and having a really hard time holding it together. Life with our pets is so short. Enjoy it!

As I said in my poem with a little different endinga gift from God, for now you’re mine, put your paw in my hand, for this is a blessed time.

Happy Sunday!

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