Sunday Pause (Paws): Helping A Family & Their Dog

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and consider extending a helping hand for a family & their dog.

I know this is a different kind of Sunday post from what I normally do but helping animals is my mission. When I read the post an old coworker had out there about her dog, Mack, I felt I had to try to help.


Her dog has been taken from her family and is currently at a boarding facility because of some incidences of him getting out of the house or yard and running up to people or other animals and scaring them. The family (& friends who know him) say he is only trying to play and he has never hurt anyone. To me it is frustrating that this is what gives him the label “dangerous dog.” But I do understand people need to try to be responsible and keep their dogs from running up and scaring people, especially a dog of this size.

Here are some of her words on what she has learned that can give a dog the label “dangerous”:

Under the dangerous dog statute one of the causes to be deemed potentially dangerous or dangerous is approaching people (or animals) in a public place with out being provoked by the approached person or animal (not exact wording but it’s close). I have also learned that the verbiage used in documenting an incident may say “attack” even if it in all essence was “quickly approached.” Yes he engaged in contact with these dogs but it was in a way to encourage play not in a manner of attack. Yes I admit a big dog running up to you on the street is scary! It shouldn’t happen but it did and it’s to bad people can’t step back and see it for what it really is.

Since the family does not have a lot of money and was having trouble complying with the city’s requirements, they did try to find a new home for him, but had no success. So Mack was taken.

They desperately started searching for someone to help and they were fortunate enough to find an animal advocate who is covering the cost to “bail” him out. But they have to raise the money to pay the advocate back and to cover other costs of things they must do to keep him such as a better fence & training. I’m not even saying everything the city is asking/requiring them to do is wrong. What I am concerned with is that this dog’s life is not on the line now or in the future. It’s not his fault. As one of her friends said “like any young soul Mack just wants to play and be loved.

This matter is urgent because if they can not come up with the money to comply with the city requirements (or find a new home for Mack) he will be taken away again and could lose his life.

They have been brainstorming on what they can do in the meantime for this little (well actually large) escape artist. They plan, for now, to put him in a kennel when they are expecting company so he doesn’t escape out of the door when people are coming and going. I also suggested a baby gate. But even if he stops escaping, he has to pass a “good citizen test”, be neutered, and there is the cost for repairing their fence.

I know you don’t know my old coworker or her dog, but you may know how much love a family has for their dog. Pets are family. These guys are just trying to keep him in the family (and save his life) but are having a very hard time with the fees the city is requiring. So if you feel lead to help, a fundraiser has been made for them on Facebook. Here is the link to the post with more info: Bring Mack Back.


If you have any other ideas or advice, please let me know. But as I have mentioned, the most urgent thing now is coming up with the money to keep & save him. Please consider sharing this post too to reach as many people as possible.

Thank you and prayers for sweet Mack, who must be scared & confused right now, would be appreciated.

Happy Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Helping A Family & Their Dog

  1. AmyRose🌹

    My hands are tied, LeeAnn. I would love to help yet my overhead is high as it is. I will however, pray that this precious dog is able to stay with his family and that his family in return is able to raise the monies they require.

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  2. Kathy

    I was able to donate a little. Also once he gets fixed this will likely help a lot. There are places that will neuter for a lot lower price. If you need more help with finding lower cost vet care like this, let me know, we can work on it. Praying for Mack to be comforted, and his family get what is needed to bring Mack back home! Let us know how it goes, thanks!

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Thanks Kathy! Mack is home now but in order to keep him they have to do the list of things the post mentioned. They are still trying to raise the funds but have been fortunate enough to have some more people contact them willing to help with some of these things.



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