Sunday Pause (Paws): Photo Fun

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy photos of the beautiful season of fall.


We have had way below average temperatures and it has been rainy and cloudy for weeks. So when I headed out with my new camera on a fall road trip it wasn’t a very ideal day. It didn’t rain but it was still very cloudy and cold. But even so, there were many beautiful trees to see despite the weather.

Along our drive we also saw different animals such as horses, cows, and deer.


But the best sighting of all was an eagle! As we turned a corner on one of the many roads we were on there it was flying at a distance of about 500 feet alongside the car. I did everything I could to get a picture of it but it all happened so fast. The camera wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready, and I dropped everything on the floor trying. Wow was this frustrating! I don’t know how professional photographers do it. I get so worked up when I miss a great shot. But I am learning I have to let it go. I can say I sure am grateful to have seen such a magnificent creature so close up in it’s natural surroundings.


A lot of the pictures that I took were through the car windows as we were driving. Not an easy thing to do, but I’m amazed at how great most of them still turned out.

There are so many factory farms nowadays where cows (and other animals) live horrific lives that it always makes me smile when I see cows in pasture.


We covered a lot of areas on our drive but we also stopped to eat and do a little shopping, Being a vegetarian makes it difficult when going out to eat but we stopped at a little cafe that had a delicious grilled cheese with roasted onion, red peppers, and pesto. At one of the shops I bought myself a pair of “The World’s Softest Socks.” That’s really what they’re called and believe me they live up to their name.

I think my new camera did a pretty good job on the trip.


I‘m excited to capture more great photos! Now if someone can tell me what the trick is in getting a closeup nose shot of your pet when they are sniffing at the camera. Grrr…I’ve tried so many times and failed.

So much to learn but I have to remember to keep it fun and not get so frustrated. 🙂

Have you ever experienced any “photo frustration?”

The most important thing is to enjoy the moments.

Happy Sunday!

Snow, snow…I woke up to snow falling this morning. I mean it’s pretty to look at, but come on, it’s only October 14th!

18 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Photo Fun

  1. Lauren

    Photo frustration is pretty consistent. There’s wind outside, blurring my garden shots. And my phone cam’s shutter speed is pretty low, blurring my cats when they move. Yeah, I’d call it frustrating. . . Thanks, Sympatica!

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  2. KDKH

    Yup, I woke to a significant snow too, expecting 6 inches by the end of the day. Your pics are gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing more. As for the eagles? Go to where a lot of them roost in order to increase your odds! There are many in m area, and I see them regularly. If I want to photograph them, I go to the small lake where they like to roost.

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Thank you! I could go to a place like that to get some photos of eagles. It’s not that I want a photo of an eagle as much as I wanted to capture the one that was a rare sighting to see just out & about. I guess I’m just expecting too much by expecting by chance to get the perfect photos. I’m far from a photographer. I’m just learning on my own and mostly for my blog. But there have been many times I have tried to get a pic, for example of Cino, and not gotten it and it is so frustrating. Some of it is just learning how to use the camera. I see those photos out there of an animal and it is mostly a nose shot because they are sniffing at the camera and I think they are so cute. I don’t know how to get one of those of Cino and it’s driving me crazy. 🙂 Any tips on that by chance?

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      1. KDKH

        You take the picture when the nose is near the camera, but still within the focal range. You’d need a macro lens to get a clear picture if the nose is really close. My iPhone photographs a near object with more clarity than my good camera does without a macro lens.

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