Sunday Pause (Paws): Reminiscing


It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and reminisce. Do you ever think back to when you first met your pet?

There were no special circumstances in my meeting Cino. I saw her on a Humane Society website and decided to drive over there and meet her. She was shy and aloof but after she made eye contact with me for the first time and let out a MEOW, that was it!


Although there weren’t any special circumstances in Cino & I meeting we did have a rough start. I explain this in one of my old “Tuesday Tales” called “The Day We Met” that I wrote when I first started blogging (visit “My Sweet Cino” page for a link to it).

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since we met. Time goes by way too fast. That’s why it’s so nice to reminisce. There have been ups & downs over the eight years…the start of this blog, health scares, and even death. But some things have remained the same.

We’ve lived in the same place for those eight years in an apartment but now we are considering moving into a townhome. It would be so nice to give her more space and a change (me too). She’s part of the family and she’s my best friend. What’s best for her is always on my mind.


Now it’s your turn to reminisce. In a nutshell, how did you meet your pet?

Happy Sunday!

(The cartoons are of Cino & I. I’ve still been experiencing some writer’s block but I am having a lot of fun creating images which I still use for animal advocacy.)

15 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Reminiscing

  1. Ron Walker

    Michelle brought Reboot home 13 years ago on Halloween. She had gone to the vet with one of our animals. The vet had found a square igloo cooler at his door that morning. Inside was a mother cat, deceased. Apparently someone had left her there because she was pregnant. The lid had been propped open with a stick, but something had caused the stick to fall and the lid closed. The vet did surgery and delivered the kittens of which only 2 survived. One, was Reboot. She was born early, and has been really thin all her life, but I love her. She is my man cave mascot and has always strayed in my office, venturing out every once in a while to see who is visiting.

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  2. colinandray

    The following is an extract from my book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” … a possible Christmas gift? All net profits go to the shelter who rescued our beloved Ray.

    Context: I was looking for my first dog and met Ray, a potentially challenging dog, at our local shelter.

    “I saw Ray daily on weekdays for quite a few weeks, took him out for walks, and let him freely wander around in the fenced area. When in the fenced area and free to roam, he would generally wander around sniffing the perimeter fence. If he was interrupted by some activity on the other side of the fence, typically another dog going for a walk, he would simply stand there and watch. Was he wishing he was out there? Perhaps he just wanted to go back to his den? He certainly did not show any interest in playing with anything.

    On one occasion, however, he did something totally unexpected. He was checking out the perimeter fence, as was his habit, when he suddenly stopped and just looked straight at me. As I was squatting with my back against the fence (there were no seats around and standing was getting uncomfortable), our eyes would have been at around the same level. He then started walking directly towards me.

    My thoughts were rather confused because, while his approach seemed rather ominous, I could not rationalise why he would suddenly be aggressive. Based on blind faith that this dog would not hurt me without some reason, and as I had not knowingly given him such reason, I stayed in my squatting position and watched him come closer and closer until he stopped literally inches from my face and looked straight at me. I recall reading somewhere that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. If that statement is correct, then our souls connected for a brief moment and then he gently reached forward and touched his nose to mine, turned, and walked away. When I took him back to the OMHS staff, I related the experience and asked if I should have been concerned. Their response was quite an emotional “Oh no! He is telling you that he wants to be friends with you. That is so nice!” That incident endeared Ray to me!”

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  3. Lauren

    There was Effie, waiting for me, just transferred from the Humane Society Shelter to Petco. My 17-year-old Coolidge had passed away that morning. I could not face a night in our house without a cat. After speaking with our vet, who told me another cat right away could be helpful. We went to Petco that evening and there was adorable Effie, waiting to put her paws around my neck. She was 1 year old then; now she’s 4. This past spring I fell for a feral kitty I named Paladin, who routinely visited us and ate on our patio. I coveted him. I wanted himin our house, with Effie. We had him microchipped, neutered, vaccinated, and wormed. He’s been indoor and outdoor, sharing Effieland with Effie. No more roaming. He has food, bed, toys, my husband and me, and Effie.

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  4. Sparkyjen

    I met Griselda when my partner brought her home after buying her off our exit from a lady he’d contacted online with schnauzers for sale. Griselda was the smallest, and possibly the cutest. Black as night, barky and totally hand-held at the time, she sniffed her way into our lives. I wasn’t totally down with an all black dog at first, but she’s been a shining star in the pictures I’ve taken of her since.

    The thing I love best about little Griselda is how waggy she is, and she doesn’t even really have a tag to wiggle. She’s also great at telling time. I’m surprised she wasn’t the one reminding me to turn back the clocks before we retired for the night. The amusingly odd thing about Griselda is she prefers to eat cat food. Since my cat recently passed, I’ve been attempting to retrain her on doggy food. Some days she’s OK with it, and others not so much. All in all Griselda is a hoot, and I love her very much!!!

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  5. lovelyandgrateful

    We found Mara in an rehoming centre 3 years ago, and all we knew about her was that she had to be rehomed because her previous owner had died. It’s been quite a journey for us as about a year after we adopted her she got cancer and had to have her tail amputated, but we’re incredibly grateful to still have her in our lives, and adopting Mara was easily one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. X

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  6. Caren Gittleman

    your cartoons are sooo much fun! You are so talented! I will let Cody tell you how he was adopted (it appeared on a few of our blog posts) ” I bet you didn’t know that the first time my Mom saw me she didn’t adopt me? Nope. My Grandpa Bobo had just gone to the Bridge and she wasn’t ready. Then, two weeks later, I was back at the same store that had the adoption drive the first time Mom saw me (2 weeks earlier). Do you believe that Mom actually was interested in my litter mates and NOT ME!? Thankfully neither of them wanted anything to do with her, so she said “let me see that gray one who is jumping around in the back.” The rest is history!!! Love, Cody”

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Awww! Cody knew she was the one for you! Thank you for your sweet comments about my cartoons. Most of the paintings/images of people & animals were created by others and I edit, colorize, reshape, size, etc. them and then create an image using them. It’s a lot of fun! 🙂



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