What Is Your Pet To You?

A pet is not “just” a pet. Oh no.

A pet is not just a pet
But one of the best friends you’ll ever get
Therapy when things are bringing you down
The ability to turn a frown around
Little angels that can help heal
It’s amazing how they make you feel
Your comforter, therapist, healer, friend, & baby
A pet is so many things including family

They are not “just” anything except “just an amazing creation and an amazing gift.”

Cino is so many things to me. I put a few of them in the image below.


What is your pet to you?


15 thoughts on “What Is Your Pet To You?

  1. Lauren

    Effie and Paladin are my Sweet Girl and my Big Boy. I love scooping their litter boxes with a nitril gloved hand and bagging it and taking it out to the trash. I love feeding them good food and water. I love playing with them with their toys, cuddling them, running faucets for them because they prefer to drink from gently running faucets to drinking from inertial bowls, and much etc.

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  2. Elsje Massyn

    My cats were not pets, they were my family, most loyal and trustworthy. They have been more loyal to me than any human being has proven to be. As far as I understand there are the same scenarios between farm animals and wild animals and their care takers, for after all our jobs on earth are to be the care takers of the animals. Their happiness is our happiness, their sadness is our sadness.

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