Sunday Pause (Paws): Those Furry Little Christmas Helpers

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and appreciate our furry little helpers.

Last weekend I got together with some friends I have known since elementary school to do our Christmas cookie baking. One friend just adopted a new kitty, Asha, and she was the star of the night.



She is so sweet and so adorable! I loved listening to her adorable little squeaky “meow”, holding her, and watching all the funny things little kittens do. Cino was three years old when I adopted her so I missed the kitten years.

Asha knew we were busy trying to get all those cookies made so she jumped right in to help us out. Here she is helping us pack the cookies…wait you’re on the wrong side of the container. I don’t think anybody asked for a “kitty cookie.” 🙂


After making all of those cookies we had to sort them out. So Asha helped us with the list of who gets which cookie and how many. She types must faster than I do. Although there may have been a lot of spelling errors.


Great work Asha!

All that work makes for a tired kitty who took her breaks on the floor under the cookbook shelf. I couldn’t quite fit under there with her so I just took the pictures instead.


It was a great day! So nice catching up with friends, getting the cookies done, and meeting Asha. Do you have your cookies done?

I love those furry little Christmas helpers! My furry one loves to help me wrap the presents each year. What does yours like to help you with at Christmas time?

Happy Sunday!

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