Your Tales


Your Tales (formerly known as Tuesday Tales) are where I share stories about animals I find on the web, from people I know and from YOU.


A lot of you have your own blog about your pet, so I understand you are already telling the story of your pet. But it’s important for bloggers to connect and animal lovers!

I am not asking for a lot of your time, you don’t have to share much. You could share just one paragraph that sums up the story of your pet. But if you prefer, it can be longer than a paragraph. Share as much or as little as you would like. It would be great to have a picture of them to go along with the paragraph too.

What I will do is include the paragraph and photo you send me in one of my Tales. I will include a link back to your blog as well.


Did you rescue your pet? Or did your pet rescue you? You can talk about how you met your pet, a challenge you have gone through with them, a favorite thing you like to do with them, what you love about them…the possibilities are endless. Write about whatever you want and please send it to Don’t worry, I will not share your email address and I will not pester you with emails. I will contact you only if I have a question about what you shared.

Here are summaries of some of the stories I have shared in my Tales with a link to the original post if you are interested in reading the full tale. These particular tales are pets of people I know. These summaries are examples of what I would like to share about your pet.

From the story of Cino & I: The Day We Met.

cino-welcome-home2I found “Muffy” on the Humane Society website. When I met her she was very shy, wouldn’t look at me, and kept looking up. At one point, she finally stopped looking around and up and looked right at me and meowed. That was all it took! She was coming home with me. I changed her name to “Cino.” We had some challenges in the beginning. She was sick and my apartment manager wanted me to get her back claws declawed. (I have a post about declawing too since this brought up a few concerned comments) Cino wouldn’t come out of the bathroom for the first week. It took her a while to become comfortable with her new surroundings. It is now six and half years later and we are happy as can be!

From the story of Jack.

jack1-editedJack was found in a dumpster at a grade school boy’s apartment building. He carried Jack all the way to school and told his teacher. They kept him at the school for the day, then a teacher took him home with her until they could find a home for him. A relative of one of the teacher’s went to meet him, but he said “only to look at him.” They would not take him home that night, they would need to think about it. Well Jack had a different idea and when he was let out of the kennel he ran right up to him. That was all it took. Jack had found a home! Other than being a little dirty, malnourished and a few ear mites, he was in good condition and is loving his new forever home!

From the story of Two Dogs Who Made it Through A Fire.

chloe-and-niko-after-fire-editedNiko and Chloe were home alone when a fire started in their basement by a dehumidifier. When the husband came home he was in shock from seeing nothing but a sheet of black in front of him when he opened the door. He couldn’t see a thing. The neighbor ran in and opened all of the doors to the rooms in search of the two dogs. They came running out and into the yard. (The one pictured on the right, Niko, is actually a white dog). Both of them needed to spend a few days at the animal hospital, but they are fine now. The family had to move out of the house. It will be six months before they can move back in while the entire house is being redone on the inside. Niko will not go into the room he was in when the fire occurred.

From the story of Charlee.

sandys-daughter-copyCharlie was just a puppy. He somehow got of his backyard one day and was hit by a car. His family couldn’t afford the surgery, so they brought him to the Humane Society. The Humane Society did the necessary surgery, but unfortunately Charlee lost one of his legs. He now has a new home and they say having three legs doesn’t slow Charlee down one bit!

See, it’s……


It is so much more enjoyable hearing and sharing fellow blogger stories than the ones on the internet. I am amazed at how many of you have rescued your pet. That is incredibly awesome! Your story could inspire someone else. Please share YOUR pet’s story.

Thank you, from Cino & I!


meow, woof, moo, neigh, however you want to say it, please say it

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