April 2017 Tuesday Tales

tuesday-tales-little-picApril 4, 2017

The tale of Buddy


Last year I took a course through RedRover called “RedRover Readers.” Here is a paragraph explaining a bit about the program.

The RedRover Readers program promotes empathy by presenting powerful stories, encouraging children to put themselves in the place of animals, and asking questions that promote critical thinking. A 2009 pilot study of the program (then known as the Humane Education Ambassador Readers) conducted by Inverness Research, Inc. suggests that the program:
~Builds self-esteem and motivates students to take an important subject seriously
~Stimulates additional student-directed learning
~Builds students’ knowledge and potentially affects their behaviors related to caring for pets
~Builds students’ empathy and compassion for pets
(Taken from redrover.org)

A few days ago I read a book called “Buddy Unchained” to some children. This book is part of the Readers program. It is about a dog that was ignored by his family. He was left outside on a chain in the cold and in the rain. He wasn’t fed or given fresh water everyday. Children threw rocks at him and because he was on a chain he could not escape or protect himself.

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tuesday-tales-little-picApril 11, 2017

The tale of Happy, Chou, and Haïden told by Audrey

In my early blogging days when I was still an apprentice. In the days when I would spend hours staring at the computer screen or googling things, researching and using YouTube. I still do that but I’m more of an expert now. Anyways, in those days I was trying out the creation of a photo gallery and customizing it to my menu. I decided to make a photo shoot session with the friendliest being I know…please meet Happy.

happy copy

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tuesday-tales-little-picApril 18, 2017

The tale of one very special dog named Ray
as told by Colin

Having been bitten by a German Shepherd many years ago, I was subsequently very wary of dogs in general. Over the course of quite a few years, I did get to meet a few nice dogs and, in November 2013, I made a life changing decision that perhaps there was a space in my life for one!

After talking to various people at our local Humane Society, I decided yes, and so started looking for a good size, sociable, even temperament, huggy kind of dog. The plan totally misfired because while I was planning on possibly adopting a dog, Ray was planning on adopting me. His strategy was clearly better than mine because he moved in with us in March 2013. I would describe him simply as 75lbs of attitude in a fur coat… and my first dog!

He was neither sociable, nor of even temperament and did not like to be touched. In fact the only area where he met my criteria was in his size. He was certainly a good size dog! With me and “a good size dog” starting a new life together, there had to be many stories to be told which is what initiated my Blog (meandray.com).

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tuesday-tales-little-picApril 25, 2017

The tale of a lucky cat named Tee


Doesn’t Tee look so relaxed and comfortable? What could be better than lying in the garden getting some sun? 🙂

Sadly less than a month ago Tee was not so relaxed, but found himself in a terrible predicament. He was found screaming face down in a barn in a pile of junk with his paw stuck in a trap. Below is the actual trap he was found in.

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