December 2016 Tuesday Tales

tuesday-tales-little-picDecember 6, 2016

Tender Moments Between a Man and His Dog

Photo taken from

As the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words!” Just looking at this photo speaks volumes about the incredible bond between John and Schoep.

In the photo above John Unger is holding his 19 year old dog, Schoep, in Lake Superior to help relieve his pain from arthritis. He would do this every night to help Schoep fall asleep.

This is a man who treated his pet like a family member and stuck by him as he aged. Something every pet deserves. Sadly, I recently have read some articles about how a lot of people give up their pet when they get old for various reasons. How sad this is. A pet is a lifetime commitment.

John says his dog saved his life. He had been having suicidal thoughts after a break up with his fiance, but he says Schoep snapped him out of it. Animals are amazing!

You can read the full article about John and Schoep by Huffington Post here. The article was written in 2013 and, sadly, Schoep has since passed away.

If you want to read more about this loving man, John Unger, and what he is up to today, here is a link to his Facebook Page: Schoep and John.

tuesday-tales-little-picDecember 13, 2016

The Tale of Domino Told by Suze

When George and I were first married we made a sort of pact..when we adopted a pet it would be one that no one else wanted….an older dog or cat…maybe one with an illness. No baby animals for us. After all, everyone else seemed to want a cute little puppy or kitten. Those little guys had a chance at a home……..the older ones didn’t.

We both loved animals….we both had grown up with the same values, education…

This song sums up how we felt, and still feel.

We only ever made one exception to our “older pet” rule. George was working a Nursing Home and someone had thrown a huge bag out of their truck as they rushed past the home in the middle of a night. George was outside taking a break and saw a bag being thrown………after the truck was gone he heard a sort of whimper and went to investigate.

There were five tiny puppies, far too small to leave their mother tied up in the bag. Four had died……George said he hoped that they had died before they were thrown out of a speeding vehicle, but didn’t know for sure. He brought the fifth (still living) puppy home. We adopted her. She met the “no one wants her” category.

She was so tiny. We fed her with a baby bottle and she seemed to thrive. She grew into our most beloved pet.

Domino was a little bit dachshund (longggggg body, short-short legs) a little bit terrier, a little bit poodle (check out the curly hair) a whole lot of snuggle.

She became my companion and went everywhere with me. She could climb trees (just LOOK at where she is in the picture!) and would climb this ancient tree up onto the roof. We only had the blessing of her in our life for six short years. She developed cancer and there was nothing anyone could do except keep her comfortable.

She died in my arms on December 7, 2009. I still miss her. I have had five older dogs and six older cats since she died, but none of them have been as close to my heart as my little girl.

This tale was shared by Suze, a fellow blogger who participated in “Tuesday Tale-What Is Your Pet’s Tale?”. If you would like to participate, click the link for details.

Thank you Suze for sharing this beautiful story with us. God bless you for seeing there is a need for homes for older animals. This is an important thing to do, as I mentioned in my post, True Compassion, a lot of animals are surrendered or abandoned when they get older. It is so disturbing to think of all of the poor animals that are just tossed away as your poor Domino was. Such heartless cruelty. I am so glad George saved her. She was an absolutely adorable dog!

To find out more about Suze, you can visit her blog Obsolete Childhood.

tuesday-tales-little-picDecember 20, 2016

The Tale of Sandifur Kid

Little Sandifur has passed away and is missing his pet parents in a big way this Christmas.

Here is the first sentence in the story:

“December is the best month of the year at the Rainbow Bridge. For the dogs there is snow to romp in and the angels always have time to toss snowballs for them to chase. The cats enjoy patting at the snowflakes as they fall, and then curling up near the fireplace for a nice winter’s nap.”

This story called, A Christmas Story, is beautiful and so touching. Click the link and be sure to turn up the volume to hear the music as you read (after you finish reading this post, of course).

It seemed a fitting story for the time of year. I hope it comforts anyone who has lost a pet. But it is an enjoyable, moving story whether you have or not.

I previously wrote a post with links to bible verses that talk about animals in heaven. The post is called Animals in Heaven if you want to check it out. It is one of the first posts I wrote when I first began blogging more seriously and not just casually, so it is short & sweet (with time & practice I think I am improving on my writing skills).

One of the main messages I am trying to convey through my blog is that animals are Gods. They were created by him and he is watching over them as he is watching over us.

Below is the beautiful song Sarah McLachlan sings and uses for animal organization commercials on stopping animal abuse. I chose a video of this song without all of the sad animal pictures because my point, in this post, is not focusing on animal abuse, but on Gods care for them. Hope you enjoy listening to it and picturing God caring for ALL of the animals.

tuesday-tales-little-picDecember 27, 2016

Animals Saving People


The New Year is almost here and I thought it appropriate to review some great animal stories. They are not necessarily just from 2016.

What I love about these stories is that not only are they about animals saving human lives, but that there is such a variety of animals. There are cats, dogs, a horse, pig, goat, whale, bird, and elephant. I was tearing up reading these stories because, to me, this shows that ALL animals are sweet, precious, loving, feeling beings.

I also was tearing up because I was thinking about how there are actually people out there who hurt these precious beings. I recently saw a post on Facebook about how some teenage boys “rented” a goat from a lady and how they abused him, smashing beer cans on his head. After some time crying, I was outraged. Why would someone ever “rent” out an animal? Sorry…but especially to a bunch of teenage boys!

But there are also good people out there fighting for them, like you & I, and thank God there are people like the 21 year old in the video below who take time out to help an animal. He was celebrating his 21st birthday with some skiing when he suddenly saw what he thought was a rock. It turned out it was not a rock but a horse that had been stranded, stuck in the snow, for 4 days.

I hope you enjoy this week’s “Tuesday Tale”, not just about one animal or one story, but many. They are short stories in this article called “15 Amazing Stories of True Animal Heroes Saving People from Certain Death.”

They call them heroes, I call them angels.

meow, woof, moo, neigh, however you want to say it, please say it

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