Pets are Good for our Health


We all know how good our pets make us feel and how relaxing and calming petting them can be. It’s not just us! Pet WebMD has a list of 27 ways pets improve our health.

  1. Pets are natural mood enhancers
  2. Keep blood pressure in check
  3. Help for lowering cholesterol
  4. Cats and dogs good for the heart
  5. Pet an animal to fight depression
  6. Better physical fitness
  7. Make your pet an exercise buddy
  8. Fewer strokes among cat owners
  9. More interaction, less isolation
  10. Fewer allergies, strong immunity
  11. Cats and asthma prevention
  12.  Snack alarm
  13. Working with a counselor
  14. Partners in better cancer care (my added note-learning from one another great, experimenting on the animals to find answers, not great)
  15. Overcoming the limitations of ADHD
  16. Autism: Addressing the senses
  17. Want stronger bones? Walk the dog
  18. Stretching with your cat
  19. Managing arthritis together
  20. Getting back in the saddle
  21. Relief from RA
  22. Soothing heat from chronic pain
  23. Seizure dogs
  24. Staying independent (my added note-I once ran into a lady with a therapy dog, she wouldn’t allow me to pet it, I understood it was “working”, so I said “well I’m sure you’ll give her a lot of hugs and pets when you are in your room” (this was at a hotel). She replied “Oh no, she is always working and petting her distracts her from doing her job.” I have never forgotten that because I felt so sad for the dog. Great that we have animals who can help us, but in return we need to meet their needs. Being petted and hugged are well-deserved basic needs!)
  25. A better quality of life
  26. A calming presence
  27. Animal assisted therapies

Well, there you have it. Now take a look at the slideshow by clicking the link below for the full information about each health benefit on the list and cute pictures too and then go pet your petAlso, please feel free to leave a comment on how your pet has helped your health. 

27 Ways Pets Improve Your Health in Pictures

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