6 Sleeping Doggy Positions and What They Mean

I read an article by littlethings.com about different positions dogs sleep in and what they mean. Shortly after that I was sent this picture! How fitting, what perfect timing for this post!


The positions they have in the article with the meanings are:

1) The Side Sleeper
2) The Snuggly Fox
3) The Superman Pup
4) The Crazy Legs
5) The Tummy Curl
6) The Passed Out

After reading the article, which you can get to here, answer the following questions.

Jack looks pretty comfortable in the photo above. Which position description do you think best describes Jack in this photo?

How does your pet sleep?

(Photo was shared with me to use on my blog. Share your pet pic here)

Thanks and good night!

meow, woof, moo, neigh, however you want to say it, please say it

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