This Tuesday’s Tale is Your Story


The tale of Cuddles told by Amy

Amy and I discussed her sharing a tale about one of her cats. Since she had written a post about one of them recently, we decided I would just share her story by reblogging it here on my blog. This is a great post that includes pictures and a video. Love it!

Thank you Amy for sharing your story with me. I am SO happy Cuddles ran out of the barn that day for you guys to find. I wonder why he became aggressive after being so cuddly?

I also believe in brushing our pet’s teeth, so I would love to hear what kind of tool you use to get the tartar off of his teeth!

This tale was shared by Amy, a fellow blogger who participated in “Tuesday Tale-What Is Your Pet’s Tale?”. If you would like to participate, click the “Tuesday Tales” tab on my blog for details.

(The tale of Cuddles is also posted on the “November Tuesday Tale” page)

Heaven On Earth

This video of Cuddles is something that happens every day.  You can hear from my voice a bit of exasperation because just as I have completely cleaned up in the kitchen for the morning (every morning), in walks Cuddles for more food.  *sigh*  And yes I know I recently posted a video of Cuddles and Rusty playing.  What can I tell you?  I have no control of what is going to happen especially with these cats.  At least in this video you will see another side to Cuds Cuds.  I do have several more videos that I plan on posting of other cats that live in this house too.  (smile)

Cuddles is persistent and consistent if nothing else.  When he wants to eat, nothing is going to get him to stop to do whatever it takes to get me to feed him.  He is a 12-year old male rescued barn…

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9 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale is Your Story

  1. AmyRose🌹

    You are not going to believe me but I use a metal nail file but ONLY with the rounded end, NEVER the pointed end. It’s very slim, sturdy and I make sure it is sterilized with rubbing alcohol before I use it. I very carefully and gently go to the top of the tooth push slightly up into the gum then flick down hard, but controlling the movement so that I do not come down on gum tissue and I do not inadvertantly press on gum tissue at gum line. It is tricky, LeeAnn. It needs a steady hand and a very close eye. You need excellent hand/eye coordination so you do not hurt the gums or any cheek/lip tissue. I also wash it and then use rubbing alcohol between cats. I am very very strong on using precautions to not cross borders. For example, Vets examine both ears with the same tip on the instrument which bothers me. It should be sterilized with alcohol between one ear to the other ear. I actually stop my Vet and make sure he does this. Learning in an SICU as a nurse I became “obsessed” not breaking borders to keep contamination down. Please promise me IF you try this you have number one complete trust/control of your cat and number two you know exactly what you are doing. ❤

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Ah ha, I probably won’t try it. I can barely get Cino to stay still for just brushing her teeth once a week. I try to use my fingernail to scratch it off if I can and my hands are always washed before I do. I too, worry about sanitation. I am SO picky and protective, I think the people at the vet office think I am crazy. 🙂

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      1. AmyRose🌹

        Let them think you are crazy! Perhaps they may learn a thing or two from you! Some of my cats’ tartar is so tough I cannot just flick it off with my thumbnail. So hence the system I came up with. I am not able to do their bottom teeth (yet), unfortunately. And I am very hesitant about putting a cat with renal disease under anesthesia for a teeth cleaning. Tough place to be in. I do my best! 🙂

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