This Week’s Tuesday Tale Is Your Story


The tale of Greta told by Maria


We lost our previous dogs, Stormy (a Minpin) and Blanca (a Chihuahua) kind of close together. Stormy was almost 17 and Blanca 15 1/2 years. I was sad when Stormy was gone but really grieved over Blanca. We said we’d take our time, but Blanca died in October of 2014 and on my birthday in March 2015, we brought Greta home from the SPCA. She is part Dachshund and part Chihuahua.

We’ve had two-year-old Greta since she was four months old. She and her brother were given up to our local SPCA. Her papers said her former people “could not keep/do not want.” Well, WE wanted her! I would have taken her brother too but we live in an apartment.

(This is me holding Greta when she first came home with us at four months old)

Greta is a little clown. She practically stands on her head at times to get attention when we’re on the computer, etc. and she vocalizes at the same time. It’s really funny!

She is a little lover, very loving towards people, always receiving our guests well. She also likes other dogs & cats. But she is skittish and afraid of “things.” One time, she barked when she first saw that a neighbor had placed a Halloween plate in their ground floor window as a decoration; she barks at trash bags blowing past along the backyard ditch – anything that is out-of-place in her little safe world.

Sadly, she almost died the summer after we brought her home from eating mulch saturated with herbicides. She screamed with pain; it was horrible. She is obviously sensitive as she also had a severe reaction to a topical anti-tick and flea med this past summer.

It was painful to lose long-time pets but she is a treat and we are delighted to have a dog again, though a barky one! We praise God that He brought her to us and that we can take care of her.

Tail wags to you and Cino!

This tale was shared by Maria, a fellow blogger who participated in “Tuesday Tale-What Is Your Pet’s Tale?”. If you would like to participate, click the link for details.

Thank you Maria for sharing this story with us. It’s so great that there are people like you out there who will take in and give a permanent home to a skittish dog. Those things you mentioned might be why her previous people didn’t want her, which is sad because no human being or animal is perfect. But both are God’s creation deserving of love, care, patience, time and a permanent home. I am glad she is bringing you so much joy!

To find out more about Maria, you can visit her blog Pilgrim’s Progress revisited.

(Others who have sent me their tales, thank you! I WILL be using it in one of the future “Tuesday Tales.” I NEED MORE tales! If you haven’t shared yet, please consider doing so. Send them to me at

24 thoughts on “This Week’s Tuesday Tale Is Your Story

      1. corkscot

        I got Sophie at 3 months.Her mother became very sick after the birth of the 4 puppies. She had retained a few and the breeder was unaware. The mom had to go to the vet to have an operation and the pups were hand feed by the breeder for several days. I’m not sure if the mom ever mothered them again. I know that one of her brothers is sane.


    1. Maria, a gentle iconoclast

      Hi, corkscot! I read your gravatar text – it sounds like you have lots of fun! About Sophie’s fears, she wasn’t a rescue so I’m thinking timidness is a personality trait, right? Your little clan sounds great.

      Liked by 1 person


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