A Great Pet Parent Tip

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was such a great tip for cat parents, I had to share it and I encourage you to share it also. It could bring a lost cat back home.

Facebook-Life Hacks

Cino is only an indoor cat, but I still have a collar for her with all of my information on it in case she was ever to get out. I realize microchips are a great way to bring a pet back home, but I am so uncomfortable with the idea of putting a foreign object into her. But it is SO important to have some form of identification for your pet.

What do you have?

Note: If you haven’t heard there have been a lot of pet food recalls the last few weeks. This is very concerning. Please check to see if the food you feed your pet is one of them. You can Google it or check my Facebook page for recent posts on the different brands I posted over the last few weeks (but there could be more).

5 thoughts on “A Great Pet Parent Tip

  1. jowensauthor

    Shadow had a tendency to lose the collars I’d put on him. That’s one reason I did get him microchipped, though. It’s really important to do that, at least as a backup form of ID in case the pet does lose the collar. Microchips are very small, the size of a grain of rice, and are put just under the skin. They don’t cost much, either. I think it was only like $50 for Shadow to get chipped. Many vets have microchip scanners and they can scan a pet that is found for one, usually for free.

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