Rainy Day, Cozy Day

It’s raining cats & dogs.


What does that even mean? I looked it up and found from different sources pretty much the same thing. There is a theory (some say is not true) that a LONG time ago when it rained really hard cats and dogs would be found dead along the streets supposedly from falling off of roofs when trying to find shelter during the rain. Another theory is that dead cats & dogs were washed up from sewers during hard rainfalls. Either one doesn’t sound very good for cats & dogs. But they are just theories. Here is a link where you can read more:
The Library of Congress-Everyday Mysteries.

So while it’s not actually raining cats & dogs here today, it is a very rainy, cold day and this is what Cino decided to do with the day.

This way to comfort under the covers

Almost there, just jump!head-under

Ahhh…made it!made-it-under-covers

Thank God my sweet Cino is not washing off of a roof or from a sewer, but is safe & cozy sleeping under the bed covers. I can’t blame her, it is a good day here for cozying up underneath a blanket indeed! I would love to be doing this very same thing, but the house won’t clean itself.

What’s the weather like where you are? 🙂


20 thoughts on “Rainy Day, Cozy Day

  1. Lauren

    Rain was falling about half the time we were out fishing today, while Effie stayed home indoors. (She is never outdoors at night or when we are not home.) It’s sunny now and we’re home, and Effie is out in Effieland, her 1350 sq. ft. enclosed garden.

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  2. Lauren

    It is, and she loves it! My husband built Effieland around a garden for her, to enable her to be safe outdoors, secure from errant dogs, uninvited cats, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes, and even used overhead wire fencing to exclude raptor birds–eagles, hawks, owls, etc. Effie in Effieland is frequently featured on my blog. https://eelcreek.wordpress.com/

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    1. Lauren

      I’ve written a LOT of posts; you could could start there–just search Effie and Effieland.

      If you need more, it would be easier for me if you would do an interview format–I don’t know what aspects and details would most interest you, and I honestly don’t have time to sketch a panoramic portrait, wondering what would be most relevant for your Tale. . .



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