This Tuesday’s Tale: Lal Mohan


The Tale of Lal Mahon

Who am I-editedAll photos taken by blogger at The Long View (with a little editing by me)

I hope you were able to see the pets remembered in my Sunday post Sunday Pause (Paws): Honoring Lost Pets. If not, please check it out and if you would like to share a picture of a pet that has passed, please send it to or attach to my Facebook Post.

Today’s tale is continuing with the theme of honoring a pet that has passed away. This tale is about Lal Mohan who passed away at only two years old from a snake bite. This was very devastating for her family.

Where's that frog-edited

“She would jump into the center of any water body she saw, never looking before she leapt. It made you laugh just to look at her.”

“She was ungainly and yet utterly beautiful. She was the most extraordinary dog. We were so lucky to have her, even if it was just for two years and a bit.”

Taken from The Long View

This is a beautiful story of a dog who was rescued by this family and loved dearly by this family. You can read about it on The Long View’s Blog post: Lal Mohan.

Thanks for sharing Harini! I can so clearly see the love you had and still have for this dog. So glad your family was the one to find this dog when she was in a life & death situation.

You can find more tales on the “Tuesday Tales” page of my blog. Let me know if you have a tale to share.

8 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s Tale: Lal Mohan

  1. Lauren

    Thank you for posting this, LeeAnn. I just read Lal Mohan’s wonderful story on The Long View’s Blog. Some animal stories should probably be required reading for humans!

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