This Tuesday’s Tale: Coolidge & Effie


The Tale of Coolidge & Effie


Coolidge when he was very young (photo taken by Lauren from Eel Creek Chronicles)

Coolidge was one of the rescued kittens from a litter that was found in a field. He was a shy and timid cat, uncertain of his new surroundings, when Lauren and her husband first brought him home. (Lauren’s description sounds similar to what I experienced with Cino when I brought her home). But the patience and love they seem to have had for Coolidge eventually created a beautiful bond.  

Sadly, Coolidge passed away in 2015 in Lauren’s arms. There is no replacing Coolidge (as with any animal) but there is a new cat in Lauren’s life now and her name is Effie.


Effie in Effieland (photo taken by Lauren from Eel Creek Chronicles)

You can read Lauren’s post with more detail about Coolidge and also on how Effie came into her life by visiting her blog post: How soon is it thinkable to replace your faithful feline companion when he or she passes on? You can also see more pictures on her blog of “Effieland”, a beautiful enclosed outdoor space her husband made just for Effie. (I want a space like that for Cino!)

Thank you Lauren for allowing me to share this post showing the beautiful relationship you had with Coolidge and that you now have with Effie.

You can find more tales on the “Tuesday Tales” page of my blog. Let me know if you have a tale to share.

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