One Lovely Blog Award

Hello all! I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Crystal from Welcome To Crystal’s Site (Originally Country Living). This is the first nomination for a blogger’s award for me, so I am not exactly sure what this is all about. It seems that it is bloggers recognizing each other and letting them know that you enjoy and appreciate their blog. So if I have it right, then thank you Crystal. I appreciate it.

Many of you know that I started this blog as a project for school while earning my Web Design Certificate. After I finished school I didn’t continue with blogging very regularly, I think mainly because I was so sick of being on a computer (I was on it at work and then at night for school for a few years), but then one day I realized that maybe I was onto something.

I have always considered myself to be, I guess you could say, lost in this world. Never quite figuring out what I wanted to do, but I always dreamt it would be something with animals. For me it wasn’t to be a veterinarian, a zookeeper or anything like that. I knew it was some kind of advocacy; fighting and standing up for animals. I just couldn’t figure it out. That’s when I realized my blog could be something. While it isn’t a “job”, it is a way for me to do what I love; to help animals, spread the word, and connect with other animal lovers.

Blogging is an outlet for me. It has helped me let out some frustration, joy, sadness, worry, excitement, and so much more. My main concern, my main goal is encouraging others to step up and help animals, to see them differently, to not follow the crowd but to step out of the box and really take another look at how you view animals. They are wonderful, beautiful creatures of God and we are responsible to care for them, never to harm them.

I am so grateful for this award and by my accepting it I have to follow some rules. One of them is for me to list seven facts about myself. So here they are:

  • I LOVE ANIMALS! (I’m sure you’re shocked)
  • I have a Web Design Certificate
  • “I Love Lucy”Β is my favorite tv show
  • I like to write poetry (although I don’t know if I am very good)
  • I don’t like to give up when I am trying to figure something out on a computer
  • I dream of living in a quiet place away from the city
  • I LOVE Starbucks Chai Latte

A few other rules are actually posting the rules on this post and another is to nominate fifteen other bloggers. Below I will list fifteen blogs, but there are so many more I would like to add. I also realize that some of these bloggers may be award free or may not want to accept the award, but I still wanted to name them anyway because I really appreciate them and what they write about.

A Dog’s Life (Stories of Me and Him)

Eel Creek Chronicles

Lexi the Schnauzer & Friends

Live, Laugh, Bark at Everything

Sparky Jen, No Beating Around the Bush Allowed


Ron’s Country Musings

Petals Unfolding

Little Dogs Laughed

Shepherding All God’s Creatures

IreneDesign2011 (Who I know can not accept right now for personal reasons, but I didn’t want to leave off this list)

Dakota’s Den

Daily Feline Wisdom

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited-Christiana on the narrow way


I just want to say one more time that I appreciate all of the bloggers out there so much (remember I could only pick fifteen for this)!

One more time…a big THANK YOU from Cino & I.


The Rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Display the award on your post of the award.
  • List seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

16 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Maria, a gentle iconoclast

    LeeAnn, I’m so happy for you! Thank you for including me in your joy and fun. Greta sends tail-wags to sweet Cino and other furry or feathery friends represented here. You deserve this, friend!πŸ•πŸπŸ°πŸ©πŸ±πŸ€
    LeeAnn, I don’t do these but my prayer is for you to find a blessing in this award.

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  2. Amy

    I am happy you and Cino got this award. And I really, really am going to send you some info to use about Lexi. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the nomination, too! I gladly accept it and will be putting out a post about it. Have a beautiful weekend. ~Amy

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  3. AmyRose🌹

    Congrats, LeeAnn!! How exciting for you to have your first blogging award! Good for you! I won’t be able to officially accept this award, however, I will put this post on my Award Page making sure to give you the credit for nominating me. Keep on being the voice of the animals for they need you! πŸ’žπŸ•ŠπŸ’

    Liked by 1 person

  4. littledogslaughed

    LeeAnn-our apologize for our very late response-though we are awards-free, it certainly does not diminish our appreciation for you and your blog in thinking about us-Thank you and congratulations from Hubble, Jack Henry, Anna and Meg-it is a well-deserved award!

    Liked by 1 person


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