A Spotlight On Pets

Hello! I have two adorable photos for two things going on this week.

First, it’s National Dog Week. A big THANK YOU to all of the furry babies who are so loyal and who are always there for us.

The cutie pie below is Bogey (photo taken by Tammy Taylor and edited by me).


Also, today is “Remember Me Thursday.” A day to shine a light on your adopted pet and on those still waiting for a home. It is so important to adopt and not shop. There are already so many animals that are in need of a home sitting in your local shelter.

I adopted my sweet Cino seven years ago.

Version 2

I wish we could share pictures on blogs, but since we can’t if you have an adopted pet and are on Facebook, please share a picture in the comments of this post: Remember Me Thursday.

Here’s to the love of pets! 🙂

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