Meow News…Read All About It

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season so far. I am trying my best to stay positive. I took some vacation time from work because this is my favorite time of year. Two days into my time off I realized my refrigerator and freezer had completely died and I had to throw away every single item. Every day since then has been waiting for maintenance people. The refrigerator doors had to be switched around because they opened the wrong way for my kitchen set up. Also, while trying to get the new refrigerator in place it was discovered the cabinets above are beginning to fall.

My kitchen and dining room are in disarray. All I want is to put everything back together, but I can’t yet. This is definitely not what I planned for my time off. At least I finally was able to go get some new groceries, so I can eat more than soup and crackers. 🙂

Through all of this, I have been reminding myself there could be much worse things to deal with and that this time of year isn’t about me. I can choose to still have joy.

So there, now that I have finished my rant of the day, I actually wanted to share some things from November. In November I was sent by one of my Facebook friends a seven day black and white photo challenge. It was only for fun, it didn’t need to be anything fancy or professional. This was alot of fun for me because I love playing with pictures. I also had been invited by Katzenworld to do a guest blog post about my sweet Cino. So, I combined sharing the news and the black and white photo challenge by creating the image below. Be sure to read all of the headline snippets too. 🙂

Microsoft Word - meow news.docx

The post will be published in late December. I will share it on my blog once it is published on Katzenworld.

Below is a slideshow with a few of the photos from the black and white photo challenge. I did not take the the picture of the little girl (I cheated a little bit). It is a picture of my niece and I just really wanted to share it. Oh and by the way, the picture of the snow in front of the building is from a snow storm we had in 2011. It was unbelievable how high it piled up as you can see from the photo, just look at it against the building.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

15 thoughts on “Meow News…Read All About It

  1. Lauren

    I don’t have Java script that I know of, but you described the pictures well enough that I can see them in my mind if not through my eyes. 🤗
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful, gentle winter, LeeAnn and all your furries!

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  2. felineopines

    That snow photo looks like our house this week. Lot’s of people without power and a few feet of snow. Sure glad we are pampered felines and never have to deal with all the hassle. We just sit by the fire and wait for the humans to come in from shoveling and feed us!
    Moewry Catmas!
    Alberto and The Tribe of Five

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  3. Amy

    Great news about Cino being featured, will watch for notice of you re-blogging it. Hate to hear about your fridge…but attitude is so important, and you’ve sure got the right one! Have a wonderful, uncluttered Christmas. Amy, Lucy and Xena

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  4. Caren Gittleman

    wonderful wonderful slide show and pawsome about Katzenworld, they are the best! Also, hoping all of the household issues are resolved, this time of year is hard for many. My adult step daughter has spina bifida (she is 42) and has been in the hospital since the 19th…she has a large kidney stone but with her condition it isn’t like removing a stone from a well person (which is bad enough, I know, I am the Kidney Stone Queen), they also found a mass in her pelvis that we are praying is benign. Things can always be worse.

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