Sunday Pause (Paws): Amazing Blogging Community

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and smile.

Smile at what? Although there is a lot of tragedy in our world, there is still a lot to smile about. One thing that makes me smile is the amazing blogging community…you!

It is so awesome meeting people from all around the world. Most people who follow me have a love for animals as I do and I always love meeting fellow animal lovers. But that isn’t the only community I am part of. I follow and have connected with photographers, artists, authors, & foodies. I have connected with someone who makes jewelry in Spain, an author in Canada, and the artist I am featuring in today’s post from the UK. I connected with her on Facebook, which is another great community of people.

The talent out there is so much fun to see and even more awesome to be able to share with my followers as I am today. The following painting is by Clair Green. It is of her cat, Jasmine, in her favorite spot in the garden.


Here is a close up of Jasmine in the painting.


Clair told me Jasmine supervised throughout as you can see from the picture below.


Doesn’t Clair do great work? It has been many years since she has painted. (Sounds familiar. I just recently got back to writing poetry). But the point is she is doing what she enjoys again and can make her smile. She hopes to one day sell her artwork. In the meantime you can keep up on her artwork by connecting with her on Facebook: Artwork by Clair Green.

I am finally doing what I enjoy; playing with photos/creating artwork, writing poetry, and advocating for animals. These things along with family, friends, nature, a good cup of coffee, and an episode of “I Love Lucy” make me smile!

I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing & talented blogging community and a place for me to share my passion for animals. Thank you for your friendship, encouragement, support, and talents!

Take some time out for what makes you smile today. Happy Sunday!

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