For Sale

I have a hard time when I see things like horse auctions, animals for sale at a flea market, and puppy mills where the focus is on making money. It may be the way the world is, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. There is a lot wrong with this world, I’m sure you agree with that.

We sell animals, living beings. I sit back and I think what would the creator of all the animals think of this? If I asked him “is this what you intended?” I think he would say “no.” If I asked him “does dominion over animals mean we can do whatever we please with them?”, I think he would say “no.” If I asked him “do you see animals as property?”, I think he would say “no.”

I think the image I put together below is how the world sees animals.


I actually picture how animals must feel being kept in cages, on a chain, in a pen, and up for sale. The picture I see is captured prisoners.

I know the picture below is an animal probably at a shelter up for adoption. I just put it here to get us thinking about an animal’s perspective.

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7 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Lauren

    I’m with you, LeeAnn. I can’t stand it. Human greed resorting to compulsory disposition of animals like objects is absolutely pathological indifference to life and all Creation.

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  2. reflectionsbyexodushouseministries

    I agree totally!🐈🐾 I can’t see God condoning the practice of selling living souls and spirits for monetary pleasure any more than breeding the poor things to death!😀 I think more more attention should be given to this and also to the fact there are active kitten mills too!
    However….I also would like to state that it isn’t fair to deny any animal a loving home simply because they are for sale at a shop or flea market.
    It is not their fault. They can no more choose their circumstances than a horse can fly.
    So please…..keep up the good work for all animals!
    Keep posting articles that bring awareness to the sad situation God’s little ones are in….and adopt, foster, advocate, and pray.
    Thanks for letting me vent. It’s a very touchy subject to me.
    Love your post…keep up the great work!πŸˆπŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Andrea🐾

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