Fish…Yes They Are Feeling Beings Too

One fish, two fish
Red fish, blue fish
We must show compassion
To all fish, all fish

fish-aafbtI found an amazing write up about one guys experience with a goldfish. It started off as just a routine giving a little goldfish named Flash food everyday. Until he decided to pay attention.

Here are some quotes from the write up.

I was told that goldfish are the “dumbest animals”, but after watching a goldfish for over a year, I have come to believe that every animal has emotions. The challenge is that we’re not usually observant enough to recognize them.

The day I developed compassion for a fish is the day I learned a valuable lesson about all animals. It’s easy to see the emotions in cats and dogs as they are more comfortable being themselves around us. But it’s a lot harder to tell what’s going on in the minds of the other creatures in our life because we are just not aware of their experience of the world.

Does a fish have emotions? If it’s still hard to believe then perhaps the definition of “emotion” has to change to accommodate behaviors beyond those that are easily observed.

It’s easy to see and understand a smile or a wagging tail but truly challenging to see the emotion in a creature that doesn’t have the ability to smile or express itself in other, more obvious ways.

The lesson in all of this was for me to expand my compassion to all living things knowing that they are having a similar experience as us.

Quotes by Paul Colaianni

He said it so well I don’t know if there is much more to say other than…YES, fish are feeling beings too!

Here is a link to the full write up called The Fish Who Taught Compassion.

Note: This post seems to be a hit on Pinterest. A lot less action (Likes & Comments) here but I am so glad people are sharing this important message through other social media platforms. The important thing is getting the word out about compassion for all living beings. Thanks for sharing!

4 thoughts on “Fish…Yes They Are Feeling Beings Too

  1. reflectionsbyexodushouseministries

    W🐋W! 🐠🐟🐙🐚🐬🐡🐳 Of Course fish count! Any living thing created by a great and loving God, Must have a capacity to feel emoticons like safety and security…and yes… maybe even a type of love.
    Since God is the purest epitome of Love, I believe that everything has His unique style of love “programmed” into their DNA….and it is up to us, to connect with your and learn how to communicate with it.
    Just my belief.🙏🐙 Be Blessed and be a Blessing.🐡

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