Sunday Pause (Paws): Staycation

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and….well for me reminisce about the past week.

Do you ever do “staycations?” The trick with these are that since you are not actually gone, you are still constantly thinking about what you have to get done. Those stinkin’ daily tasks. Well I decided for this staycation that I was going to get those stinkin’ tasks done first, the ones that HAD to be done, and then focus my attention on having fun!

Before the week arrived I made a point to contact a few friends, let them know I was going to be off work, and made plans with them.

I took a bunch of pictures but because most of the people in my life are pretty private people and prefer their picture not be posted on the web, I had some fun with the pics. As you may know, I love to edit pics and turn them into some sort of “creation.” This is what I did with the pics from this week that I would like to share with you.

The first pic is actually in Norway. Some of my family flew there this week to see my niece who just had her first baby. 🙂 They have been so awesome with sharing pics with me throughout the week it has made me feel like I am there with them. The building to the right is the Strand Hotel where Roald Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, & BFG) used to spend his summers writing.



I went to a friend’s house and had a nice visit with her along with her three dogs and two bunnies. The one below is Astro.



Went to lunch with another friend and afterwards we went for a walk at one of my favorite places. It is so beautiful with a fountain, bridges, flowers, activities, and a great walking path that goes around the water. We asked someone to take a nice photo of us by the fountain, but the rest of the pics….

….let’s just say there was a lot of silly & goofy faces. We gave ourselves the biggest belly laugh.

But the most relaxing & pampering outing of them all was when I got together with another friend and we got massages…ooooh, la la! Getting massages is not something I do, in fact this was only my third time ever. It was awesome!

Then we went to dinner at one of my favorite spots. You create your own pasta dish and they cook it up right in front of you.


Couldn’t bring myself to turn this into art (it already is…yum!)

Of course, I was able to spend a lot more time with Cino too. One time when we were out on the deck, she was looking out at me from her climber, so I put my hand to the sliding glass door and she started reaching her paw out to it. It was absolutely precious. So I went and grabbed the camera but, of course, she jumped down off of the climber and stopped reaching out. I still took a pic of her through the sliding glass door but it certainly isn’t the pic I was hoping for.


Me tapping on glass trying to get her to reach her paw out again. Didn’t work.

Ahhh, it was a great week!

Thanks for letting me share my staycation with you. It’s always hard when it comes to an end. But we need them because just like Sundays are for rest & recuperating, so are staycations.

Happy Sunday!

Have you had any vacations or staycations lately?

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