Sunday Pause (Paws): Kindness Matters

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and…be kind.


We’re not suppose to put on our Sunday best, clothing & attitude, only on Sundays. Kindness should be in the daily things.

I recently received this message from someone at work congratulating me on 14 years there.

“Thank you for all you have given to the program.Β  We wouldn’t be where we are, without you.Β  Your creativity and kindness has helped mold not only the children, but positively influenced the staff.Β  You have been a great role model for others on the staff and the parents, as well!”

I have been told a number of times throughout my life how nice I am. I have a soft spot for those the world sees as “less.” To me a janitor is just as important as the principal, the congregation is just as important as the pastor, the secretary is just as important as the CEO, and the uneducated are just as important as the educated.

It does makes me feel good when people tell me that I am so nice but at the same time I feel this should be the “norm” for everyone. We’re all in this thing called “life” together and we all have our own struggles. Kindness goes a long way.

Believe me when I say that I have many faults. I even seem to be a lot more short tempered as I get older. Maybe it’s hormones, a mid-life crisis, the loss of my sister or a combination. I also have a lot less patience for rude people. It is one of my biggest pet peeves in fact…someone being rude. Kindness is always a better choice.

How we treat animals is no different. They didn’t ask to be here, but they are. They were given to us by God to watch over and care for. They are the voiceless and defenseless (for the most part). Kindness to them is just as important.
(Is it wrong that sometimes I wish for those abused animals out there to retaliate? I find myself thinking….bite him and run! OK now that isn’t very NICE of me I suppose.)

So there may be times when “being nice” isn’t going to get you very far, like when you’re facing an animal abuser. But in everyday life at work, at home, at the drive through window, etc. you can choose to be nice.

So how about giving someone a smile today. Buy someone a cup of coffee. Don’t yell at the waiter who messed up your breakfast order. Give someone a compliment. Play with your dog. Be patient with the cashier in training. Play with your cat. Just…be kind.


Happy Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Pause (Paws): Kindness Matters

  1. reflectionsbyexodushouseministries

    My sentiments exactly! There’s really no reason to be hateful just for hateful sake. I get so angry at entitled hateful people. We’re all working hard out here one way or another….even animals!🐾🐈 Do You want to try to be a cat or dog for a week? Much less a wild animal trying to stay alive. It’s not easy trying to stay alive and away from cruelty out on the streets even for a human….much less an animal.
    For those who are given more……it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of those who have to work their butts off to get little.
    Anyway….great post! Sorry for the rant.
    We can change the world….1 Act of Random Kindness at a time. Be the ARK!
    πŸΎπŸˆπŸ’–πŸ’‹ Andrea

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