National Black Cat Day

Hello all. Happy weekend!

I have been hard at work creating images with messages about animals. If you have been following me for a while then you probably know I have been searching for the best way for me to help animals. As time goes on and changes happen in my life I find new & creative ways in doing that. In the last few years I’ve gone from being a new blogger, to finding an interest in photography, playing with photos, to the sudden loss of my sister that brought back my love for expressing myself through poetry, to creating images with messages. Whew!

Actually, if I never settle on just one of these things it’s ok…as long as I continue being a voice for animals.

I created the image below last night along with a few others for Halloween. I will share the other ones with you on Halloween or as it gets closer to Halloween (if you follow my Facebook Page you may have already seen them). Anyway, it turns out today is “National Black Cat Day.” I had no idea when I created the image…so how lucky am I?!


I may be lucky but black cats aren’t. They get a bad rap and are actually seen as bad luck with all of the superstitions out there. Seriously people….a cat is a cat is a cat. BLACK is only a color.


12 thoughts on “National Black Cat Day

      1. jowensauthor

        They’re considered good luck in Britain and in Japan. Sailors also used to believe that black cats would bring luck. And ancient Egyptians believed they could earn Bast’s favor by having a black cat in their home. But sadly most superstitions have it as bad luck, probably in part due to old beliefs about them being demonic/satanic, witch’s familiars, etc.

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  1. colinandray

    These kinds of discussions always prompt the thought that our biggest failing, as a society, is in the education system. We teach our kids all kinds of sophisticated stuff, and yet rely on the parents to teach them about life. That does seem to be inherently wrong.

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  2. nickis555

    I didn’t know about Black Cat Day either. Funny though, I was just telling my husband that I read once that black cats are the least likely to get adopted from shelters. I thought that was weird, but thought maybe due to old superstitions. So sad.

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