The Passing of Milo

I‘m sorry to say that one of the AAFBT gang, Milo, recently passed away. Milo was my cousin’s dog and one of the “characters” I use on my posts/images at times (shown below).


Studies show that losing a pet is/can be as devastating as losing a human. To many their pet is their baby and part of the family. They are not “just an animal” to them. If feelings are stifled because society doesn’t understandย  it can really delay the person’s healing process. So please be understanding towards those mourning the loss of their pet. The grief is real!

Rest in peace sweet Milo.



***Many of the animals I use in my AAFBT posts are paintings by Dana Stevens of people’s pets as I mention on the “About” page of my blog.

15 thoughts on “The Passing of Milo

  1. Lauren

    My loss of Coolidge after 17 years was terrible. Our vet’s counsel that sometimes another cat could help with my grief. I am so thankful for his implied suggestion. We brought Effie home the evening of the awful morning I held Coolidge through his throes. No regrets.

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  2. emaylerocks

    Animals are definitely angels with four paws. I also believe their souls travel in a circular path, and sometimes come back to us, as in the move “A Dogs Purpose.” I say this because, there are so many things our Courage does that are reminiscent of pets I have had in the past. It’s almost like looking at a ghost sometimes, when it happens. Also, for most of us, our pets are our confidants, who have no judgement. The passing of a fur baby is just as difficult as losing a best friend to cancer.

    Wishing you peace and solace in the fond memories of your cutie pie. Like you, my pack are also ‘characters’ in my blog. It would devastate us to have to mourn the passing of one of the current #TeamSnoopervisor.

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  3. Shadow & Ducky's Mom

    Aw, so sorry to hear about Milo. My heart goes out to all of you who loved him. I know all too well how much it hurts to have a beloved animal companion leave this earth for any reason. Shadow, Ducky, and I send you all comforting energy, light, and love to get through these tough times. Milo is now watching over you.

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