Sunday Pawzing for Angels of All Kinds

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am so excited to share this post about a recent follower, Alice. Alice shared the following photo of her and Coconut with me.

I asked her for more information regarding the comment she left with this picture and this is what she said:

My precious, rescued sheep are my angels and best friends.❀ This one pictured here we named Coconut, who was a terrified and abused girl, that was so incredibly loving and tame and trusting of us, we sadly weren’t allowed to take her on though, unlike our other sheep, as the ‘farmer’ insisted on ‘keeping her’. Our precious sheep have changed both mine and my mother’s lives, they came at a very difficult time, starting with our first little orphan lamb, called Poppy. (She is my profile picture, as a painting I did of her, she sadly only lived for 11 months as was poorly, but she was a true angel!) I could go on and on about them!β€πŸ‘πŸ€—

Here is the the amazing painting of Poppy she mentioned. Wow, such great work!

Alice said they are her angels, but she (and her mother) are also these sheep’s angels! I wish I could meet them but since that may never happen I hope to stay connected. She said that she hoped one day to sell some of her artwork. I would love to have one of them!

Since this is a story about rescuing animals, I wanted to take it a step further and have a little fun with the photo and bring some interaction to it. Why? Because both of these angels deserve attention.

Here is my edited version of the picture…

and here is a puzzle with the edited version. Kick back and give it a try!

preview99pieceAlice and Coconut

4 thoughts on “Sunday Pawzing for Angels of All Kinds

  1. carolsai108

    Thank you so much, dear, for sharing Alice’s and Coconut’s story with us… thank you for all the goodness and upliftment you bring us… when we care deeply for the animals’ plight and feel their pain and suffering, we can be guilty of never feeling ‘happy’… thank you dear for bringing joy and happiness to us!!

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