If you are checking out this site you are most likely an animal lover like me. Glad to meet ya!

I created this blog for one of my assignments while earning a Web Design Certificate. My teacher encouraged me to keep the blog going because she thought my topics would be of interest to a lot of other people. I took her advice and went from casual blogging to more regular blogging beginning in 2016. This became one of the biggest blessings in my life. I now have a platform to express myself and my love for animals.

A little backstory on me:
I spent most of my life trying to figure out what to do with my love for animals. I knew I wanted to do more than just love them and more than just work in a local shelter or clinic. I wanted to help ALL animals. Once I decided I wanted to advocate for them I educated myself on all kinds of animal abuse issues, and I have to tell you, it wasn’t easy. It was pretty disturbing to find out how animals are treated by the hands of humans. Sure your neighbor, your friend, and your local shelter are showing the loving side of the human & animal bond. But we must not forget there is a dark side, a really dark side. Nobody likes to hear about it or think about it. But by putting our head in the sand it is like we’re accepting it. We mustn’t accept it, but fight it. We are their voice.

Then came the summer of 2017 when my sister passed away unexpectedly at the age of 53. This devastating loss to our family has changed me. For one, I am very emotional (probably because I am still grieving). Feeling more fragile I haven’t been able to read, see, or hear about animal abuse cases. I literally fall apart.

So where do I take my blog after a loss like that, that has changed me? Well I have always loved writing poetry, so I have been expressing myself by writing a lot more of it. I also love taking pictures and “playing” with them in photo editing software as well as making cartoon like images with messages. I am now bringing these interests more into my blog. I still am and always will advocate for animals. I just need to do it a bit different, at least for now.

Whatever direction and whatever changes I make to my blog along the way one thing will never change, my mission. It’s to spread the word, connect with other animal lovers, and unite with others to make a change. Not to just talk about it, but MAKE A CHANGE. God gave us dominion over animals, but I truly believe the human race has misinterpreted this and that he, along with us, is grieving over the treatment of animals in our society. We need to change the way the world views animals.

There are many ways we can all help animals. Donating items to shelters, writing letters, signing petitions, volunteering time at an animal organization, sharing my posts to spread the word, prayer, speaking up and much more! I am a huge fan of the RedRover Readers program because children are the future for animals. Introduce it to your neighborhood schools.

Animals ARE Feeling Beings Too and to help them it takes me, it takes you, it takes WE.


I love meeting other animal lovers so leave a comment to say hey or get in touch on my contact page.

***The animals on my banner were paintings done by Dana Stevens except for the one of my cat Cino. Dana did a sketch of her and I digitally painted it. The banner itself was created by me.

I have been working on drawing/creating my own animals & images such as the one below. The cartoon image I made of my cat Cino has become the “mascot” of my blog and Facebook Page images. I use it in a variety of ways to spread the word about ALL animals.


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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      Thanks! My family worries about me sometimes because they see how upset and down I get at times (animal abuse issues), but as I tell them, I can’t turn my back. It definitely is my passion, and I feel, my calling. It’s about balance. Sometimes I do have to step back and focus on positive things, like the cute pet photos & stories I like to read about and share.

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