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I’m Not An Object

A picture says a thousand words.”

OK, so the picture below doesn’t have a thousand words and I put the words on it. But it’s the message of that saying above that I am trying to convey in this picture.

It’s only 25 words, but those 25 words say it all!

Pass on the 25 word message this holiday season and let’s save some animals.


Adopt From a Shelter

It always breaks my heart when someone tells me they just got a new puppy or kitten and when I ask “where did you get it?”, their answer is they drove miles to go get it from a breeder. Ahhhh! Why would someone make that choice when there are so many animals sitting in shelters who will most likely be euthanized if no-one adopts them in a certain time period.

Here are some links to some articles discussing this topic:
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The number of animals euthanized in a day is absolutely mind boggling. As human beings, we are responsible to care for these creatures. How can we support places out only for a profit and ignore
innocent animals waiting for a home?