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Sunday Pause (Paws): They Feel, We Feel

It’s Sunday! Time to kick back, relax, and “feel.”

I‘m feeling pretty proud of the number of shares the following image I made has received so far. It is the most shared image of mine to date so I wanted to share it with you and talk a little bit about the word “feel.


All animals do feel the same as your pet. They feel pain, fear, loneliness, sadness, boredom, stress, happiness, comfort, and love (to name a few). Continue reading

The Debate: What Do You Think?

Hello all! Cino sends you “Happy Weekend” wishes!


I have been rolling around all kinds of ideas in my head for quite a while trying to come up with a drawing/saying that expresses what I feel my blog is all about. I mean, I do feel the name of my blog says a lot, which is why I chose the name, but I want to do more. What do you think of the graphic below? Continue reading

Do Dogs Have Feelings?

I came across an article called “Do Dogs Have Feelings?” by Michael Arbeiter. My answer before reading it is, YES, all animals do!


This article mentions that dogs feelings (or emotions) can be things like fear, aggression, and panic. These feelings/emotions can cause behavior problems. There is also joy in animals.

“If I act very, silly, that’ll produce a joy that is greater in a dog than just wagging their tail. When you’re acting goofier-maybe you’re running around in the yard or you’re playing fetch-there’s a higher level of happiness.”

Quote above takenĀ from the article by Michael Arbeiter

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