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This Tuesday’s Tale Is Your Story

The Tale of Tank Told by Allisha

I was on the internet searching for pitbull puppies when I came across an ad about some for sale in Iowa MN. I called to see if they were still available and they were. So, one weekend we drove down to Iowa to go look at them and once we got there I fell in love with all 4 puppies that they had.

My boyfriend picked out the puppy that he wanted and I got to choose the puppy that I wanted, so in the end we came home with 2 puppies! One we named Duke and one we named Tank.

We had both of them for a couple of months and then…

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Tuesday Tale-What is Your Pet’s Tale?

So far I have done Tuesday Tales about animals I find on the web, about my cat Cino, and about people I know and their pet stories. NOW I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


A lot of you have your own blog about your pet, so I understand you are already telling the story of your pet. But by sharing it with me, you may gain some new exposure and, quite frankly, you would really be helping me out. A lot of bloggers view posts, but do not necessarily participate, perhaps because your own blog is keeping you busy. Or maybe you’re thinking somebody else will participate so you are not needed. You are needed!! I love hearing about your stories too! It’s important for bloggers to connect and animal lovers!

I am not asking for a lot of your time, you don’t have to share much. You could share just one paragraph that sums up the story of your pet. But if you prefer, it can be longer than a paragraph. Share as much or as little as you would like. It would be great to have a picture of them to go along with the paragraph too.

What I will do is include the paragraph and photo you send me in one of my Tuesday Tales along with others. I will include a link back to your blog as well.

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