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Merry Christmas

I haven’t posted anything for a while, the holidays have kept me busy as I am sure they have kept you as well. I was looking through a book I have called “Chicken Soup for the Soul at Christmas.” This little story made me cry.

“Merry Christmas, My Friend”

“I will never forget you,” the old man said. A tear rolled down his leathery cheek. “I’m getting too old, I can’t take care of you anymore.”
With his head tilted to one side, Monsieur DuPree watched his master. “Woof, woof! Woof, woof!” He wagged his tail back and forth, wondering, What’s he talking about?
“I can’t take care of myself anymore, let alone take care of you.” The old man cleared his throat. He pulled a hankie from his pocket and blew his nose with a mighty blast.
“Soon, I’ll move to an old-age home, and, I’m sorry to say, you can’t come along. They don’t allow dogs there, you know.” Bent over from age, the old man limped over to Monsieur DuPree and stroked the dog’s head.
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