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Daily Prompt: Volunteer. It’s Hard to Find the Best Fit

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Volunteering comes in many forms. Of course, since I am animal person, my first thought is volunteering to help animals. But that has always been a challenge for me.

If I were to volunteer at a Humane Society, I would cry seeing all the animals waiting for a new home or waiting on a worse fate. I looked into volunteering at a zoo and then decided I couldn’t stand seeing these animals in captivity. I thought about visiting nursing homes with dogs as therapy, but when I tried it I realized it was not for me. One of the elderly women there had told me they wouldn’t let her have her dog at the nursing home. She was so concerned about her dog that I went to the desk and asked them about it. They said she didn’t have a dog. The elderly lady said she did have a dog and that they just wouldn’t listen to her. I felt so uncomfortable and didn’t know what to think.

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