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Should A Pit Bull Have Any Less Rights Than Any Other Animal?

I just recently saw in the Facebook Newsfeed a post about pit bulls being outlawed in Montreal. Not only outlawed, but euthanized, simply because they are pit bulls. Here is the video I saw.

This is not OK. Animals are what we make them into.


There is a petition you can sign to help! Here is the link to it:
Help Save an Animal’s Life

I signed it and here is what I wrote:

I respectfully ask that you consider that pit bulls are what people make them into. They are living creatures created by God. They do not ask to be beaten, used for bait, or thrown into a dog fight. If you were, wouldn’t you be a bit aggressive too? Go after the humans doing this to these animals and please HELP these animals at our mercy.

I feel it is important to be kind & respectful when fighting for animals! Yelling, swearing, or being violent does not get people to listen, therefore you are not helping at all. So, if you do sign the petition (and I hope you do), please be respectful.