This Tuesday Tale Is Your Story: Happy, Chou and Haïden


The tale of Happy, Chou, and Haïden told by Audrey

In my early blogging days when I was still an apprentice. In the days when I would spend hours staring at the computer screen or googling things, researching and using YouTube. I still do that but I’m more of an expert now. Anyways, in those days I was trying out the creation of a photo gallery and customizing it to my menu. I decided to make a photo shoot session with the friendliest being I know…please meet Happy.

happy copy

I’ve always asked myself why no one asked me about that gallery and the role of happy in it. It’s simple. Happy reminds me of my role and major objectives when I created my blog- Idealizing and making others Happy.

happy-laying-down copy.jpg

By his name, one can guess his gentleness and loving nature. Happy was once a street cat, roaming the streets and eating out of restaurant dustbins. My parents brought him home in the early mornings as they were coming home from a marriage after party because he willingly let himself get caught and transported home in an expensive handbag. Ever since he’s the most spoiled cat on earth, eating expensive cat food, sleeping on beds, chairs, anywhere he feels comfortable. Some children in the world could be jealous of Happy, believe me.

happy-on-table copy

He’s the alpha male in our neighborhood and basically comes home when he’s hungry. His master is my elder sister whom he waits for every night at the gate till she comes home from work, greets her every morning and loves her dearly.

Now meet Chou. Chou was a gift from our neighbor.

chou copy

A kitten amongst many to whom we gave a real home. With love, care and lots of milk. When she arrived, one could barely see her and our greatest fear was her death in the following days.

chou-upside-down copy

She survived and we watched her grow with pride. She’s a true predator and hunts everyday. She probably exterminated the mice in our home.

chou-with-other-cat copy

She chose mom as her master and follows her everywhere she goes. She waits for mom to finish bathing, lies on her laps during her naps and sits near her all day. It’s a true mother- child relationship.

chau-resting-comfortablypng copyTogetherness

Lastly, meet Haïden. Haïden is our puppy. We’ve had him for 2 months now. He’s adorable, playful and loving. I’m his master. The day he arrived home, he was lost and lonely. I had to choose between him and his brother, bathed him and feed him. Have been doing that ever since.

haiden copy

These are our pets and they are part of the family. Even though they are materialistic and selfish in nature, their love and care is worth it at the end of the day.

This tale was shared by Audrey, a fellow blogger who participated in “Tuesday Tale-What Is Your Pet’s Tale?”. If you would like to participate, click the link for details.

Thank you Audrey for sharing this. Pets are a part of the family! I love how you said that it was a true mother-child relationship between Chou and your mom.

It’s interesting how you said they are materialistic and selfish in nature. I believe this is true to an extent, but I also believe they are the most innocent, unconditional loving creatures on this earth. They just want to love and be loved.

To find out more about Audrey, you can visit her blog idealizeblog.

You can find more tales on the “Tuesday Tales” page of my blog.

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