A Thunderstorm is Brewing


Thunder, lightning, rain…oh my!

It’s coming our way and I anticipate my cat will be hiding under a blanket as she usually does.

I read a few tips about how to help your pet during a storm. One of them is exactly what my cat does…allow them to hide. Make a few safe spots for them in the house. I provide a blanket for her to hide under in the living room so she stays near me. But she can also go in her bed, under the bed, under the sheets (as pictured in photo) wherever she needs to.

Turn the radio or tv up a little to drown out some of the sound from the storm. (Although another website said this could make it worse to have more noise. If going to do it was suggested to play soft light music)

Pets can sense your fear, so try to remain relaxed yourself.

Pet and stroke them, but not too much babying, otherwise that might reinforce their fear.

Maybe check into a thundershirt for your pet. (Some people say this works great!)

The take away…your pet has the right to be scared. We’re all afraid of something. Help them out by understanding and making them more comfortable during a storm. 

meow, woof, moo, neigh, however you want to say it, please say it

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