Catching a Dog When They Run Away



If you have a dog, there probably has been a time when they have slipped out the door or slipped through the fence. Our little poodle we had growing up was somehow down the street before we knew it many times. If you have a dog you also know getting them back becomes a game. They stand there sniffing around, looking over at you as you are approaching, and then as soon as you just about reach them, they take off!

I‘ll never forget the time while caring for and walking dogs at a veterinary clinic I worked at, one dog somehow got loose. Needless to say, we were in a panic. It’s bad enough when your own dog gets away, but when it is someone else’s, yikes! There were a number of us out there looking for him. I was so nervous this dog was going to get hit by a car or be lost forever. I started praying; asking God to please bring the dog back. I asked him to tell the dog to come back. (Sound silly? If animals are God’s creatures/his creation, just like we are, which they are, then why wouldn’t he speak to them just as he does us). Anyway, as I am franticly searching and praying, all of a sudden there was the dog coming up the street right towards me. His eyes were locked on me. I knew he might run, so I stayed where I was at, got down to my knees and talked to him as he approached me. He came right up to me and allowed me to pick him up (and this was not a small dog) without resistance. He came to me on the street I was looking on, not where the other people were looking. I became extremely emotional because I knew it was God that had led him to me and I was so happy we had him back.

No doubt, God helped me and the dog that day! Aside of this day, I have used the method of getting down on my knees, talking to them and letting the dog come to me and it usually works over chasing after them. In fact, they literally think the chasing, stopping, chasing, stopping is a game, so they’re having fun while you’re going crazy.

It’s a good idea to have some treats handy to hold out as they are approaching you too. What dog doesn’t like a treat!

The take away…if you chase them, they will run. Get down to their level and speak calmly to them. This is something you could also try when you see a lost dog wandering your neighborhood.

meow, woof, moo, neigh, however you want to say it, please say it

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