Manufactured…Computers, Toys, Dogs, Furniture, Clothes

Do you see something that doesn’t belong?


Breeders are treating animals like just another item that is manufactured. They are thought of as a “moneymaking machine.” These are LIVING creatures, not plastic, wood, or cotton that we can use to create necessities for us humans. There is no necessity for this. HAVEN’T WE GOT ENOUGH ANIMALS IN NEED OF A HOME?

Check out the following story about one happy ending for a dog that lived 12 years in a cage breeding year after year, terrified of humans.
Abused Dog Never Felt Love

The take away…next time you are looking for a new puppy, visit a shelter. There is no need to have a “specific” breed dog. Adopt, don’t shop!

2 thoughts on “Manufactured…Computers, Toys, Dogs, Furniture, Clothes

  1. lilyandardbeg

    We live in a ‘disposable’ society, some people think animals can just be bought and got rid of-like any object. (The idea itself is fundamentally wrong anyway. If we have too much we should share, not throw away). We do need more social responsibility…but not all breeders are bad. I dream about a day when we’ll only be able to get a puppy from a responsible breeder, who’d advise, help and explain how to manage the new member of your family 🙂


    1. kurlylj Post author

      Thank you for your comment! You are right, not ALL breeders are bad. I do, however, have a hard time with the fact that there are so many dogs in need of home already.
      And yes, pets should be taken to a forever home, not bounced around. People should be prepared for bringing a new furry member into their family.

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