What Would Happen To Your Pet If Something Happened To You?

Are you prepared?

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Our pets are our family, but if something ever happened to you, what would happen to your pet? This is something so easily overlooked, but being unprepared could be detrimental to your pet.

I saw a post on Facebook that led to this article: Bonded German Shepherd Pair Surrendered to Shelter After Owner Dies Placed On Death Row.

I am in tears writing this because I can’t believe perfectly healthy animals can lose their lives when  something like their pet parent passes away. I can’t say it enough, animals are living creatures, THEY ARE NOT DISPOSABLE!

We should all learn from this and make a plan for our beloved pets. I started looking up information about this and here are some links to what I have found so far:

What is a Pet Protection Agreement?
Also, scroll down the page to read related content:

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  • What happens to my pet when I pass away?
  • What is a Protection Agreement?
  • The Pet Guardian
  • Funding
  • Formal Pet Trusts

Pet Protection Agreement vs. Pet Trust

Providing For Your Pet’s Future Without You

I made a little book a while ago of how to care for my cat with the thought in mind of her needs being met in case anything were to ever happen to me. I thought people might think it was weird, but it has taken me a while to learn what works best for her with her diet, habits, fears, etc. All of our pets are individuals and I am sure you have put a lot into learning what is best for your pet for their optimal health & well-being, as I have. After reading all of these articles, it turns out I am not so weird after all. Providing this information for anyone else who might care for them, even if it is temporary, will make it easier for them and for the person caring for them.

The story of the German Shepherds have really got me thinking, how about you? I would love to hear if any of you have any documents made up for the care of your pet in case anything were to happen to you.

2 thoughts on “What Would Happen To Your Pet If Something Happened To You?

  1. lilyandardbeg

    This is a great post, thank you 🙂 RSPCA (in the UK) has a special form you can print off and add to your Will (no added costs while making the Will).I’m a firm supporter of Trusts as I’m a control freak:) In most solicitors firms in the UK (apart from London) it’s just about £100 extra when you make your Will (well, you do need to have some money for the Trust itself). It’s also good to have ICA or ‘dog home alone’ card. Doesn’t need to be shop bought, it’s enough to carry a piece of paper with some details in your wallet (‘my pet is home alone, in case of accident please contact…’)

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  2. kurlylj Post author

    Thank you for checking out and liking my post. I do feel it is very important information. Great extra tip, that I didn’t mention, about having a card saying you have a pet that you carry with you. I have one in my wallet. I also have stickers on my door and back window saying there is a pet inside in case of an emergency, such as a fire.
    If you are on Facebook feel free to share the post so others can read about this important information. (Just a thought) 🙂



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