Animals and a Consumerist Society

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You can accumulate many things: sick time & vacation time at work, wealth, frequent flyer miles, and of course, THINGS!!!


Some people are rich, some people are poor. Whether you have accumulated many THINGS in your life or not, ask yourself this…is it worth it?

Watch the following video and decide.

(Video of shoppers on Black Friday, a shopping day in the U.S. where stores have huge discounts on their THINGS)

Of course, since I am an animal lover and advocate, the very first thing I thought of when I saw the word “accumulate” was a previous post of mine called Manufactured…Computers, Toys, Dogs, Furniture, Clothes. There are so many THINGS being manufactured for our consumerist society that it has even come down to animals being treated as THINGS to produce so someone can accumulate more wealth (breeders). Or they are given hormones so they can grow faster and bigger so someone can accumulate more wealth (factory farms).

Hurting other people to get a good deal and treating animals inhumanely to consume more of them. Is it worth it?

15 thoughts on “Animals and a Consumerist Society

      1. Bee Halton

        I work in a supermarket and especially on Sundays I can’t understand how families can spent literally the whole afternoon in the shop with their kids while the beach is just 5 minutes away. Oh please do not get me started. :-). I am from Germany and there are no Sunday opening times for supermarkets. I really wonder how they survive 😉

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  1. AmyRose🌹

    In my own Life, I know people who do not treat outside animals well, so I step in as best as I can, caring for the barn cats and Loving the horse, making sure she has enough water and sneaking her snacks. I’ve done so for years with my Intention that these people will notice my actions and in so doing, treat their animals better. So far it has not happened. So I continue …. 🙂 ❤


    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      That’s so sad. It hurts me that people don’t see that ALL animals are living beings worthy of love, care, & respect. Thank you for what you do to help them!!! I love connecting with others who care for animals. 🙂
      On this note, you might enjoy another post of mine called “The Argument on the Worth of Animals.”

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