Beautiful Flames

via Daily Prompt: Flames

With fall coming to an end, it will soon be time for the “S” word. I am not a huge fan of winter, but one thing I really enjoy is sitting by a fire and listening to the crackling of the wood burning. There is also something so mesmerizing about those flames.


Here is my cat, Cino, enjoying the “fake” fireplace we have (pictured as a poster). Since it doesn’t have any crackling wood sounds, I enjoy watching the beautiful flames.


I found a video on YouTube that I could watch and listen to all day. In fact, I have been listening to the crackling of the wood while I have been writing this post, and now…I am ready for a nap.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Turn it on and let it play while you are doing your housework, reading a book, looking out the window, or enlarge it on your screen and sit back and just watch the flames.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Flames

  1. Lisa Johnston

    love this blog LeeAnn. I love the stories and the pictures and your compassion and caring and commitment to these animals. How you talk about caring for your animals should also be the way people care about each other. I’m proud of you good luck with this circulation I see you’re growing followers

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    1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too Post author

      You’re absolutely right that people should care about each other this way too. I focus on animals because not enough people do. They are forgotten beings that are treated very poorly in this world by many and I believe 100% this is not how God meant it to be. People, a lot of times, cause their own problems, whereas animals are completely innocent and at our mercy. Does that make sense? I am so glad you enjoy my blog! 🙂



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