This Week’s Tuesday Tale: Sandifur Kid

This week’s tale is a story of little Sandifur. He has passed and is missing his pet parents in a big way this Christmas.

Here is the first sentence in the story:

“December is the best month of the year at the Rainbow Bridge. For the dogs there is snow to romp in and the angels always have time to toss snowballs for them to chase. The cats enjoy patting at the snowflakes as they fall, and then curling up near the fireplace for a nice winter’s nap.”

This story called, A Christmas Story, is beautiful and so touching. Click the link and be sure to turn up the volume to hear the music as you read (after you finish reading this post, of course).

It seemed a fitting story for the time of year. I hope it comforts anyone who has lost a pet. But it is an enjoyable, moving story whether you have or not.

I previously wrote a post with links to bible verses that talk about animals in heaven. The post is called Animals in Heaven if you want to check it out. It is one of the first posts I wrote when I first began blogging more seriously and not just casually, so it is short & sweet (with time & practice I think I am improving on my writing skills).

One of the main messages I am trying to convey through my blog is that animals are Gods. They were created by him and he is watching over them as he is watching over us.

Below is the beautiful song Sarah McLachlan sings and uses for animal organization commercials on stopping animal abuse. I chose a video of this song without all of the sad animal pictures because my point, in this post, is not focusing on animal abuse, but on Gods care for them. Hope you enjoy listening to it and picturing God caring for ALL of the animals.

(Here is another link to the story of Sandifur when done listening to the song: A Christmas Story)

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